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30 July 2014

Fireworks at St Michael’s Mount

The Godolphin Arms has prime position to view the the spectacular fireworks display on St Michael's Mount to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a unique partnership with the National Trust 

St Michael’s Mount is a partnership between the National Trust and the St Aubyn family, working together to support the Mount’s vibrant island community and continuing a remarkable legacy of life and activity which has existed since prehistoric times.

The National Trust has owned most of the island and the causeway since 1954 as a result of a gift by the St Aubyn family, who have lived in the castle since the 1650s and still do so today.  The National Trust are responsible for the conservation and upkeep of St Michael’s Mount and the St Aubyn family run the Mount day to day, opening it to the public and welcoming visitors to discover their extraordinary island home.

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of this special gift and Tuesday 12 August will see a Firework Spectacular celebrating the partnership.  

The Godolphin Arms will not serve food after 6pm on this day, due to a private function taking place in the upstairs dining area. We will however have a BBQ outside the hotel entrance serving burgers and sausages from 7pm. Our terrace and downstairs bar area will be open to the public throughout the evening until late. 

The dazzling and colourful bespoke event, staged with St Michael’s Mount as its dramatic backdrop, will be designed to be viewed from the mainland in Marazion and will commence as dusk falls at 21.45.

Firework specialists, Celebration Pyrotechnics, have been commissioned to create a visually arresting aerial display that will be able to be viewed from all around Mount's Bay.  The vibrant and stunning show will commence with the firing of the Mount’s own ceremonial canons and will culminate with a stunning finale that will fire from multiple points across the top of the Mount, illuminating the sky and bay all around.

James St Aubyn, who succeeded his uncle as Lord St Levan last year commented, “We want to do something really special to celebrate the first sixty years of the remarkable partnership between the National Trust and the family. I hope this free display will be thoroughly enjoyed by our local neighbours and visitors to the area alike”.

Mark Harold, National Trust Regional Director said: ‘Our unique partnership with the St Aubyn family has meant that many thousands of people are able to visit and experience the magic of St Michael’s Mount every year.  St Michael’s Mount is one of the most iconic places to visit in the South West, and I’m sure this exciting firework display will bring great enjoyment for everyone.’